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Why Go Online For Your Nursing Degree?

Whether you are just starting out in your career as a high school graduate, considering changing your career completely, or are already working as a nurse and want to advance your career and get into a more senior role, it’s hard to deny that the ability to study for a nursing degree online can be very useful. Online nursing degree programs are now available at every level of nursing with something for everybody no matter what stage of your nursing career you are at.

Registered nurses who want to advance their careers can find advanced degree programs such as an MSN or DNP online, while career changers who already have a degree in a different subject can get into nursing faster with an online ABSN. Online degree programs in nursing have definitely moved into the mainstream and are even beginning to become the new normal in terms of nursing education. Whether you want to get started on your journey to becoming a nurse or strengthen your current nursing resume, an online nursing degree can help.

Why Get a Nursing Degree Online?

More and more students are now opting for online degree programs in not only nursing but also many other subjects and areas. With student debt at an all-time high and tuition fees showing no signs of reducing any time soon, savvy students who are looking for a way to reduce the opportunity cost of getting into nursing or advance their nursing career are choosing online study. Getting a nursing degree such as a BSN DNP online from Baylor University gives registered nurses the option to study while they continue working as a nurse, with online programs often offering complete flexibility and the opportunity to study from home rather than attending classes.

An increasing number of students are turning to online degree programs in nursing and many other fields. With tuition fees and student debt levels currently at an all-time high, many students find that studying online is one way to reduce the overall cost of studying, along with enjoying more flexibility and freedom to fit their lives around their education rather than vice versa. Some of the top reasons to consider an online nursing degree rather than attending a traditional nursing school include:


Most of the time, studying for a nursing degree online comes with an unbeatable level of flexibility. For aspiring and current nurses who have no choice but to continue working full-time while studying, the flexibility that comes with working online can make it so much easier. Online programs often put you in charge. Learning materials will be uploaded to your student portal where you can access them from the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you best. This makes it much easier for you to fit studying for a BSN, MSN, or other nursing degree program around your current career in nursing or any other field.

Online nursing degree programs are especially useful for current registered nurses who may be working long and unsociable hours that would cause problems with attending classes in a traditional school setting. In addition, they are also a great choice for career changers; you can easily study online in the evenings and weekends if quitting your job is out of the question and traditional class timetables would clash with your work.

Save Money

These days, many students are doing as much as they can to save money with tuition fees and student debt growing. Unfortunately, studying online is probably not going to be an option for making significant savings on tuition costs. Most of the time, online and campus-based degree programs cost the same amount, although you can find some online degree programs that offer some tuition savings compared to a traditional, classroom-based environment. For most students, however, the opportunities to save money are smaller, but add up over time while getting an online nursing degree. Coupled with the lower opportunity cost since online students are free to continue working full-time and preserve their earnings while studying, expenses like commuting costs can also be avoided. Similarly, students who are set on studying at a certain college or nursing school that is not in their city or state can do so with distance learning and avoid the cost of relocation.

Employer Support

Students who are interested in an advanced nursing degree program while they are working full-time as a nurse will often find that employers are more willing to support online learning options. Many employers have programs in place where they will team up with online nursing schools or offer assistance with tuition and other costs to support nurses who are intending to better themselves with an online degree. As the demand for advanced and more highly-trained nurses grows, you may be in a prime position to get employer support if you study online, as this benefits both you and your employer.

Networking Opportunities

While you may not realize it, studying for your nursing degree online can be a great networking opportunity, allowing you to meet people in the industry that you would never have crossed paths with otherwise. Online study can be ideal for people who want to become travel nurses, for example, since you can make connections in different cities, states, and even abroad due to the diverse range of people that are likely to be enrolled on the same program. There will usually be much more diversity compared to studying on-campus, where the majority of students may be local to the area. Along with this, modern online degree programs in every subject are set up for networking, and while meeting face-to-face may be more difficult, you should absolutely have lots of opportunities for virtual networking.

If you like the idea of getting an online nursing degree, you might be interested in what, exactly, you can study with distance learning. The good news is that today, online nursing degree programs are available at every level. Whether you are just getting started and want an ADN or BSN to earn your license and start work, are a career changer interested in getting into nursing quickly with an ABSN, or a registered nurse looking for an MSN or DNP to boost your career, you can get all of these and more online.

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