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What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a career in Project Management?

We live in a world that is constantly changing its structure and paradigm. The business model, transactional processes, methods, and technologies are implied to business changes with the latest trends, quality of people, and strategies. Today professionals are moving from desk-based jobs to freelancing. The workforce indulged in freelancing is gaining rapid momentum with each passing year. Currently, there are more than 38% Off the US workforce are working as freelancers. 

Freelancing professionals face challenges daily, but they claim that it is far more enriching than the old office model. To our knowledge project management industry is not an exception. Outsourcing in the project management industry is quite common, or if we have to put in a different style, then perhaps this is the first industry that led to the flourishing of freelancing genes. 

And in this article, we will be vocal about the pros and cons of project management in the current VUCA world. Companies and multinationals or always in a perpetual hunt for a skilled project manager who can reduce their expense quest streamlining the workflow and management’s expectation to grow the business. 

The pros of project management

A decade ago, project management was not as we see it today. Today project management is based on an efficient goal setting by following this SMART goal practice. Today the projects are becoming more specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. All these goals help ensure project delivery rigorously to start the customer discussed with the project management team. Today’s stakeholders and customers are least bothered about the budget. 

According to a PMI survey, on every 1-billion-dollar project, management organizations tend to waste more than 125 million dollars. This trend is common in every developed nation, be it America or UAE. This wastage is faulty project chapters neglected communication, ill management of quality control and risk management, and following outmoded schedule techniques. 

The survey also claimed that only 2.5% of project management organizations complete all their projects in time. You can see that a staggering amount of 70% of all the projects, be it a billion-dollar or $1,000,000, fails due to inefficient project managers. 

The cons of project management

Project managers effectiveness is defined by the organization where he or she works. As we have discussed earlier, not only 2.5% of all the project management organizations work successfully as per the prescribed rules, regulations, and best practices in the project management industry. So we are left with many distractions in ineffective organizations, for communication is a rising problem. While you are working on a project, you cannot afford to get lost in translation. As a manager, you have to encourage cross-cultural understanding by employing diversity training but helps to tackle the hindrance caused due to dialect differences. 

It is also observed that most of the project management organizations have a frustrating project hierarchy. Having said that, we mean there are several bosses to report in these tall and flat structured organizations. This is why stakeholders and customers back out in the earlier stages before the team addresses their requirements with the developed deliverables. 

Miscommunication and mismatch of goals in a team and individual perspective is the most important hindrance that causes a clash between great customer experience and service and the organizations’ overarching goal. To tackle such discrepancies in your project management career, you need to work as the winners do. And the most effective and efficient way of achieving this is by getting a certification that enhances your personal and professional knowledge and adds up to your credentials. If you’re someone with the experience of 4500 hours in project management, then you must do a PMP certification

The PMP certification

This advanced-level certification conferred by PMI validates a professional’s competitive edge, risk mitigation, staying on common budget notifications, compatibility to project changes, meeting the deadlines, following one platform for project documentation with seamless communication not only helps the project to be finished timely with limited scope creep. 

This certification is globally recognized, but every project management organization and hiring managers when they are putting or hunting for a qualified project manager. In training itself, you learn how to use complicated interfaces, especially when surrounded by people struggling with technology. It also validates a qualified project manager’s ability to play as a key team resource in assessing the project updates and notifying the higher authorities. It also teaches the certified professional the power of confidentiality and makes sense a watchdog who ensures protection of information by strategizing the access points and roots. 

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