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Top Microsoft Azure Interview Questions And Interview

Are you the one whose dream is to get placed in the Microsoft Azure platform? 

Then you are probably at the right place. In this post, we have discussed the basics to advance Azure interview questions. Preparing these questions will take you 2 steps closer to your dreams. 

So, What is Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure which was formerly known as Windows Azure is a public cloud computing platform mostly used by organizations to run virtual machines or containers. 

Microsoft Azure platform was announced in October 2008 and on 1 February 2010, it was accessible commercially. Commonly known as Azure has a Linux and Microsoft Windows operating system.

Over the years it has been the first rank in India for providing cloud service with a world market share of about 20.3%. Microsoft Azure is prominent in hiring professionals. Well if you are the one who wants to get placed in one of the Microsoft hiring surges then you need to work hard to get there. 

We have brought you the top 20 Azure interview Questions that will help you prepare for the Interview. Basic to advance question which covers maximum the theoretical concept related to Microsoft Azure. 

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Top Interview Questions for freshers as well as for experienced professionals.

Basic Interview Questions for Microsoft Azure

1.Define Cloud Computing.

It’s a platform where individuals or organizations can store and access their data over the internet. This data can be accessed from anywhere in the world. 

2.  What do you know about the Azure Cloud service?

Azure cloud service was announced in 2008 and commercially became available in 2010. It’s a dynamic flexible cloud platform that allows data storage, development, service hosting, and service management. 

3. What are the Important applications of Microsoft Azure? Name them. 

The significant applications of Microsoft Azure are Data storage, infrastructure services, mobile apps,  web applications, cloud services, etc.

4. What is the operating System Used in Microsoft Azure? 

Linux and Microsoft Windows are the operating systems in Microsoft Azure. 

5. Explain the main function of the Azure Cloud service. 

Azure cloud services are established to Host running applications termed as web roles and at the same time manage the background running applications termed as worker roles. 

6. What is the use of Azure CDN?

Azure CDN is used to lessen task time and bandwidth and thus speed the responsiveness.

7. Can you tell the purpose of the Cloud Configuration file?

The primary .csfg file is available with each cloud service. The main objective of this file is-

They store the user-defined settings and hold the main copy of certificates.

8. What are the services used to manage resources in Azure?

  • Azure resource management.
  • Azure portal.
  • Application insights.
  • Log analytics.

9. According to you, what are the major drawbacks of using Microsoft Azure?

  • One cannot perform cloud computing while there’s no internet connection.
  • As Azure is a web-based app it requires a high amount of bandwidth to download.
  • It can be slower at times compared to another software program.

10. Illustrate different types of roles.

There are three basic types of roles:

  • Web Role- It is used to deploy websites by using language which is supported by the IIS platform customized to run apps.
  • Worker Role- With the help of this you can implement the process that runs in the background.
  • VM Role- It helps to schedule windows service and tasks.

11. What is PaaS?

The full form of PasS is a platform as a service and it’s a platform to deliver without giving authorization to OS service.

12. State the function of command tasks in Microsoft Azure.

Command task sets off the flow of single as well as multiple common whiles when the system is running.

13. Give Names of the different types of web applications deployed by Microsoft Azure

ASP.Net, PHP, WCF are the types of web applications deployed by Azure.

14. Name the three major components of Azure.

The three major components of azure are-

  • Compute
  • Storage
  • AppFabric

15.  What are the two blobs used in Microsoft? 

Block Blob and Page Blob are the two blobs used in Microsoft.

Advanced Interview Questions for Interviews.

16. What are different Cloud Deployment Models? 

  • Public Cloud- Infrastructure is owned by the cloud provider and the server used is a multi-tenant system. 
  • Private Cloud-based Infrastructure is owned by the individual organization. For example- hosting your website on your server or hosting your website with a service provider on a particular server. 
  • Hybrid Cloud- Using both public and private Cloud together is called a hybrid Cloud. 

17. A virtual Network was created using classic deployment. Can you create a virtual machine using the Azure resource manager in the same network? 

It is not possible to create a virtual machine using Azure resource manager in a virtual network created using basic deployment. 

18.Explain the term Break-fix issue. 

The term break-fix issue implies technical work in supporting technology when it falls in the normal course of its function. 

19. What is the meaning of Azure service Fabric?  

It is a platform that makes it easy to package, deploy and manage scalable services. It also addresses significant challenges in managing cloud applications. 

20. Explain SAS 

The full form of  SAS is a statistical analytical system. It is software used to perform analysis of multiple variables. Its smooth interface offers the best graphical and clicks-based solutions.

Azure training

Apart from these questions, you can also opt for any training program that prepares you for the interview questions. This training provides you with the knowledge basics and advanced Azure cloud computing and architecture.

 Various training programs give you training for Azure. Azure Training in Hyderabad has highly qualified professionals to train you for the interviews.


We hope you enjoyed this set of top 20 Azure interview questions. Keep preparing for the questions and gain thorough knowledge related to Azure to get the best placements. The best is that you go for the training programs for detailed Azure study. Azure training in Hyderabad will provide the right direction towards your dream. All the best for your journey in Microsoft Azure!

Sourav Raj
Sourav Kumar is a digital Enthusiast he has 3 years of Experience in the Digital Marketing field.


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