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Top Meditation Apps For Your iPhone

Relaxation meditation, which in most cases entails cultivating calm by means of an object of meditation like your breath or an imagined visual, is actually a scientifically established technique to assist people who suffer from anxiety. And have scientific evidence that it really works! Regular practice actually makes it more easily to condition minds to discover harmony that soothes balance. It’s like training your mind to stay calm and cool under pressure. But training your mind to meditate requires both diligence and discipline.

The science behind relaxation meditation makes sense intuitively. Our bodies are primarily adapted to rest and relaxation; a long, uneventful time without stress. So learning how to calm your mind can go a long way to restoring inner calm and tranquility. It is not as complicated as it may seem at first. Simply deep breathing exercises and progressive relaxation techniques will get you started toward the goal of true meditation.

Nature Sounds Meditation uses nature sounds to introduce you to meditative skills. It is free and features soothing nature sounds that you will clearly hear and appreciate. You might be familiar with these sounds, for example from your favorite radio station or from books about the calming powers of nature. This free guided meditation app features a myriad of nature sounds and beats, including the calming tones of running water, the rhythms of the rainfall, and the melodic chants of birds.

Guided Imagery Meditation is based on Buddhist principles: if we see things happening as they really are, with no effort to change anything, then we are more likely to be calm and relaxed. That’s why it’s often called mindfulness meditation. Guided Imagery uses a few simple tools to create a pleasant state of mindfulness. By concentrating on each of the images, you can develop a sense of peacefulness and an ability to stay calm and focused.

Zen Meditation is another free guided meditations app that helps you establish a meditative state. It uses Buddhist principles to teach you to experience an inner silence, calmness, and insight. Developing an awareness of the present moment helps you deal with stress better. It also helps you get into a state of meditation quickly. Zen Meditation has a great user review at Google where many people say it helps them eliminate stress and anxiety.

Mood Tracker One of the best meditation apps offers a relaxing mood tracker that can keep track of your progress. When you open the app, you’ll see a screen asking what time of day you’re feeling peaceful, calm, or very active. The time you choose to set your mood tracker to can determine how effectively you meditate. There are a variety of mood tracker apps, so it is important to choose one that works well with your meditation routine.

Relaxation One of the top-rated meditation apps provides an effective relaxation technique based on yoga. This program teaches you breathing techniques and teaches you how to overcome the stress of modern life. Some of the relaxation techniques included in Relaxation One include yoga poses, meditation, and breathing techniques that will help you relax throughout the day. This relaxation app comes with a free download, but you have to pay for other guided meditations, relaxation, and yoga sessions.

A few other meditation apps that don’t cost anything are Mindflex and Pure Meditation. Both of these apps provide a guided meditation while using only music and sound to get you in the right frame of mind. They provide a relaxing experience while removing distracting sounds from your environment. Both of these relaxing apps are easy to use, so even if you don’t want to spend money on a guided meditation session, these two apps should still be enough to get you started.

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