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Top Marketing Ideas to Hire Developers in 2021

Each passing day is making our lives easier, all thanks to technology. Whether it is about chatting with someone through an app or watch a live streaming service through the internet, or use some platform to communicate with the world, everything is done through technology – lots of it!

To support the technology and keep it going smoothly, new developers are required. There more technologies in the world than you can count on your fingertips (include toe tips, and they still won’t be enough). Finding the right profile against your job requirement can be a challenging task, and that is why today, we have brought you the top ideas to market and hire the best developers in the industry.

According to a report, there are a little more than 24 million developers around the world, and by 2024, this number could cross the 28 million mark for developers. Such a steep surge in the graph, right? It is because the world is getting aware of the amazing technology careers.

Top Ideas to Find the Best Developers in 2021

Finding the right guy with the right development skillset and soft skills is often a mammoth task, but today, we will discuss how you can easily find the best developers for your software development agency or for a freelance job. Let’s dive right in.

Post the Jobs On Job Seeking Platforms

The first tip, and quite an obvious one, is to post on job-seeking and posting platforms. Almost everyone in need of better opportunities, or just to look at what’s happening in the world, visits these platforms, and developers are no exception. If you are on these platforms like Indeed and others, your chances of finding the right fit for the job are automatically high.

Seek Help from LinkedIn

LinkedIn, like several others, is not just a job posting platform but more than that – a professional communication platform that lets you connect with professionals belonging to different industries, professions, and walks of life. By searching and filtering through the profiles on LinkedIn, you can always find the right developer. If you are sincerely looking to hire a developer, it is probable that LinkedIn wouldn’t disappoint you.

Get Active On GitHub

More than 2 million developers are on GitHub, and you can always sift through the relevant projects that are public to understand what is trending and who is the most active developer. You can reach them out through various ways if you find them capable and probably make them an offer they can’t refuse. You can also post the job on GitHub, and developers might directly approach you.

See Who’s Using Stack Overflow

If someone calls themselves a developer and doesn’t use Stack Overflow, are they even eligible to be called developers?

Never mind, but every developer uses Stack Overflow (and secretly copies a piece of code from there). You can post jobs on this platform as well and reach hundreds of thousands of capable and skilled developers. Moreover, you can also see who’s more active on this platform and reach them out through messages.


Hiring developers in 2021 is a need of time. Increasing demand for good developers with decent experience and a knack for learning can always be profitable for you or your software development agency. So if you are looking for amazing individuals who can work for you, the above tips are for you – make the most of them!

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