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Ten steps to the Perfect DIY Spa Night


There is nothing more relaxing than setting up the perfect spa night for yourself. After a hectic day at work or after a long weekend, you can treat your body with utmost pleasure through a spa at home. In today’s time, we don’t get enough time to pamper ourselves or visit the salon, so we can set up the spa for ourselves at home or go for the online salon booking app- Zoylee, where you can easily book yourself a relaxing spa.

Here you will get to know about ten easy steps to restore all the energy and nourish yourself with self-love.

Steps to have the perfect DIY Spa Night

Setting up the Ambience

The first and foremost step you need to follow is to set up the environment and ambiance for your DIY spa night. It would be best if you always kept in mind that this your my time, so there should be no interruptions in between. Next, you need to clear out your bathroom and make it neat and tidy. Light scented candles or dim the light according to your convenience, play soothing music that would provide relaxation. Get your most soft and comfortable robe, towels, and comfortable, clean clothes. You can also have a light drink to sip by your side. Then you are all ready to embrace your flaws and start the journey of gaining the ultimate peace and serenity.

Go according to your convenience.

Take spa sessions according to your preference. If you are a bath lover, then you can put on face masks before taking the perfect soak and end up taking a clear water rinse in your bathtub. Or, if you prefer showers, you can put on your masks, wait for them to do their job while reading a book, or listening to music, anything you want to do, and then hop in that shower. You need to go for the resources and products according to your need and convenience.

Put on a hair mask

With the help of a wide-tooth comb, distribute the hair oil or mask evenly, then let it do its work by wrapping your hair with a plastic turban or a shower cap. Next, you need to choose the product according to the condition of your hair. Here are the few options that you have:

  • If you have chemically treated hair and is weak or thin, you should go for a pre-shampoo hair repair treatment. You need to apply it to your dry hair and save it from costly repairs.
  • If you have dull your dry hair, then applying olive or coconut oil is one of the best options for you. This natural remedy acts as a mask to regain the shine and the texture of your hair. But, of course, you have to apply this on completely dry hair.
  • If you have curly or damaged hair, then a moisturizing cream mask is what you need. Many available in the market, choose according to you, apply on wet hair and get your healthy hair back.

Pamper your face with a sheet mask

Go for sheet masks as they contain pure and harmless ingredients. They are effective and very cost-efficient. You can choose sheet masks according to your skin type, it nourishes and relaxes your skin.

Put on an eye mask

The next step you need to follow is providing relaxation to your eyes with the assistance of an eye mask. If you have puffy eyes, dark circles, or tired eyes, then you are in desperate need of an eye mask. This is one of the most integral steps of your DIY spa.


Before getting into the bathtub or the shower, you need to file and shape your nails. Then, after filing it properly and neatly from all sides, you need to massage and relax your hands by applying a good quality hand cream at the end of your spa night.


Legs are that part of the body that needs the most relaxation after a hectic day or a long week. Now, we all are aware that toenails are thick, and it is easier to cut and shape them after a bath. So, after doing everything, massage the relaxing points of your legs and then put on a socks mask to gain the ultimate relaxation and care.

Relax in a lukewarm tub

This is the best part. All you need to do is add some amount of bath salt and then soak yourself into it. The warm water and the bath salts together help in relaxing the tired muscles of your body.

Take a shower and moisturize.

Apply shampoo and conditioner to remove any left-off residue of the mask, and then apply a healthy moisturizer on your skin while it is still a little wet.

Get a comforting good night’s sleep.

Now, hop on to your bed with clean sheets, turn off all the digital devices, your phone, laptop, everything, and meditate to relax your mind, and then drift off to sleep in your comfort zone.

Benefits of having DIY Spa Night

There are plenty of benefits that we face while opting for a DIY Spa night. We are all aware that there can be nothing relaxing than taking a spa at home, so here are some of the advantages you receive through DIY Spa.

  • Relieves stress

This is one of the major reasons people go to a spa. Imagine the amount of relaxation you will receive when you soak into the warm water of your bath faucet under the comfort of your home. It is one of the best ways for eliminating the negativity and extra stress from your life. It relaxes your muscles and also relaxes your mind.

  • Helps maintain Good skin

By choosing the rich products while opting for regular home spas, you will receive a natural glow in your skin. The best about a DIY spa is that you can schedule it anytime according to your convenience. The water of your home will provide you with the best relaxation that you require and will give you polished skin.

  • Helps in better sleeping

Getting DIY spas at home can be very useful for those who face trouble sleeping. You can get your muscles relaxed, lower your blood pressure with the spa and then hop on to your bed; it helps you get a very peaceful sleep.


No comfort can match the comfort of your home, no matter how lavish a place is, but the relaxation you feel at your home is unbeatable. So, it would be best if you opted for a DIY spa night at regular intervals with the right products to calm your nerves and relax every part of your body. 

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