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Quality Pocket Knife Brands That Should Be in Your Collection

Whether you’re looking for a new knife to add to your EDC rotation or you’re just an avid collector with a passion for tools and steel who has knife roll after knife roll full of top picks, here are some of the best, quality pocket knife brands that will serve you well. If you have a large collection, make sure you have at least one ambassador – if you need a new pocket knife for everyday carry, any top pick from here will do!

● Kershaw Knives – Kershaw caters to the tacticool crowd and is well known for its Speed Safe assisted opening technology as well as features like its Composite Blade technology, that enable the fusion of two steels and differential tempering to create graded hardness throughout knife steel stock.

● Buck – Buck is a classic among classics, and it was Buck Knives that brought the world the 110 Folding Hunter, whose graceful silhouette and rock-solid lockback design influenced nearly all folding knives that followed.

● Spyderco – Spyderco is typified by humpbacked designs and Spyder-holes that make it easier to open the blades. These knives are designed with the needs of LEOs and paramilitary personnel in mind, and feature high quality steels and extremely durable synthetic scale materials.

● Gerber – Gerber is a producer of both folding pocket knives and fixed blade knives and is a knife designer that cannot be restrained by the past. They’ve brought the knife world classics like the Strongarm and multi-tools that could easily supplant most EDC knives.

● Benchmade – As a knife maker, Benchmade is defined by its innovation and high quality materials. It’s quality productions feature tough locks like Axis locks, and super steel blades are not uncommon in a folding knife from Benchmade – although they produce excellent fixed blades like the Steep Country and Bushcrafter as well.

● Victorinox – Victorinox gave the world the Swiss Army Knife, which is everyman’s EDC knife, but today, their product line has proliferated into a plethora of other multi-tools, folding and fixed blades.

● Leatherman – Durable materials like aluminum and carbon fiber are common in Leatherman’s product lineup, and their folding multi-tools are some of the toughest in the industry.

● Cold Steel – Cold Steel makes tough knives and tools from budget materials like 4116 stainless steel and polypropylene, but there is nothing “budget-esque” about their quality. Just check out their website and watch their completely ridiculous marketing videos for proof of their durability.

● Zero Tolerance – Apparently, Zero Tolerance knives, also known as ZT Knives, are popular among law enforcement and other personnel with legitimate needs for reliable, tactical knives. Like Kershaw, they feature innovative technology and quality materials. Look into them in you need a new one for EDC.

If you’re looking for great prices on any of these quality pocket knife brands, visit White Mountain Knives. They have all of them and plenty more where they came from. Plus, with their excellent vendor relationships, they can likely source anything you need, even if you don’t see it on their site. Just visit them at WhiteMountainKnives.com or reach out to them at [email protected] if you need help!

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