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Power of Digital Marketing

Marketing has undergone a 360 degree in the past decade. Earlier it used to be a challenging job for any organisation. With no internet and very less technological advancement the only to market any product was either via newspaper, mouth publicity, television etc

With the invention of smart phones and mobile networks providing internet access on hand; to market any product has become very easy and handy. People can now market their product through various mediums at any point of time. The access is available 24/7, hence the convenience is always there.

Listed below are some of the advantages

  • Cost effective: Digital marketing is capable to reach the masses in some clicks. It has the option to reach the right customer at the right time hence your marketing strategies can be more result oriented then the traditional method.
  • Measurable results: It is a data oriented method of marketing where you can figure out whether your efforts have been fruitful or identify the gaps and take corrective measures for better results.
  • Higher conversion rates: The online platform has the potential to convert a lead or inquiry immediately into sale. Chatbot options on the websited is a very uselful option of digital marketing where any queries and concerns can be attended promptly. Hence you can encourage the customer for final sale easily
  • Worldwide reach: Social media and website have can be accessed at any part of the world. Hence you have a vast customer base to market your product.
  • Economical and effective platform: Specially for small businesses digital marketing is a very beneficial platform as it gives a wider audience at a lower cost which is very much needed at the initial stages of any business.
  • Brand building: Digital marketing gives you lot of platforms to market your products through the medium of social media, website, email marketing etc. Due its manifold effects you can easily built up your brand image and reputation and establish your self.
  • Customer service: Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance for any business. Through the online option it becomes easier to resolve the customer complaints promptly as the order to delivery details are easily available at any point of time and can be tracked.

Listed below are some of the disadvantages

  • Trained staff: Any business or a Company is dependant on its staff and customers for its success. You may be having superb digital marketing techniques but if the staff is not able to deliver it properly all money spent will be a waste.
  • Competition: Digital marketing is capturing the market and along with it is increasing competition. People easily switch options due to lucrative offers coming in every second day. To survive here you need to thrive hard and make efforts to stand out of the crowd
  • Privacy: Security and privacy issues are major concern and one has to be very vigilant in managing the data of the customers as any unwanted leakage may cause serious issues leading loss of business and reputation.
  • Dependability: All good things come with their challenges. Dependancy on technology and database is increasing ane at times you feel helpless at the time of problems like website crash or other technological issues. The business seems to come to a stand still. A successful business man always has his plan ready on hand during these trying times

No matter it is a truth that no business can survive without Digital marketing and more and more companies are coming in every day in the field. If you don’t then you and your Company might be rated out dated. Ensure to engage a good digital marketer to cater to the needs of your business.

Happy Selling !!! Wishing you more and more success always !!!!

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