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Mens Shaving Tips – Getting The Best Shave Every Time

A couple of mens shaving tips can improve your shave. The key to a good shave is preparation. This means taking time and putting some thought into your shave. There are a variety of tools that can improve your shave, but if you don’t use them properly they will do more harm than good. Let’s take a look at a few mens shaving tips.

mens shaving tips

You should always wet your face. When using a razor, you have the option of using water or a pre-shave oil. I personally use water. When you use water it opens up the pores of your skin so you can get a closer shave. Pre-shave oils give your skin added lubrication which also increases the chances of getting a close shave.

Dry shaving is another recommended method. This removes the natural oils that help your skin stay moisturized. This in turn can make your skin become dry after the shave. It is also good for your skin. After shaving your skin must be completely dry.

Use an old toothbrush. Using a sharp razor blade on your skin can cause cuts and make shaving painful. A toothbrush provides enough pressure to give a smooth shave. If you cut yourself or nick yourself while shaving be sure to apply some anti-bacterial ointment or cream to the area to heal the wound.

Try not to shave against your cheekbones. This is one of mens shaving tips that I teach my customers. If you’re going to cut across the cheekbones, you’ll have very sharp hair and it can cut into your face. To avoid this try cutting along the side of your face opposite your temple. This keeps your razor blades blade clean and away from your face.

One mens shaving tip that I always teach men is to shave in a circular motion. Although this may sound complicated it really isn’t. Shaving in a circular motion allows the razor to work better. You’ll have longer shaves and less nicks.

Sometimes try a new shaving gel or lotion. Most men don’t know this, but shaving gels and lotions can cause your shave to take longer. Trying a new brand can give you a closer shave with the same amount of beard. Also try a moisturizer after shaving. A quick splash of moisturizer will keep your skin soft and hydrated allowing easier, more comfortable rinses.

Don’t forget to moisturize your skin after shaving. You’ll have more razor burn and irritated skin if you don’t. Most men don’t know how to shave easily. When you learn how to shave easily you’ll find yourself shaving more often. It’s easier to shave easily and get a close clean trim.

Shave against the grain of the hair. When you learn how to shave easily you’ll stop pulling the whisker down with your thumb. This pulls the hair down and opens the cut making it take longer to shave and leave you with stubble. Instead pull the hair up from the root and shave smoothly against the grain.

Avoid using alcohol based aftershaves. This is the biggest cause of shaving problems. Alcohol is a drying agent and strips the hair out over time. To avoid this problem try a good aftershave or moisturizer that doesn’t contain alcohol. Lessening alcohol use will also help you keep a closer shave.

The best way to shave is by using a good shaving foam. This is the best way for keeping your skin soft and lubricated. This makes shaving much easier and gives you the closest shave possible. Using a foaming soap is very important because you don’t want your razor to be in contact with your skin for any long periods of time. A good foam is made of natural ingredients that will not dry out your skin.

Another great tip for men is to use hot water when you shave. This opens the pores of the skin preventing ingrown hairs and burning. Another advantage is that hot water will open your pores and smooth out any redness you may be experiencing. After a hot shower, use a cold rinse to close your pores again to prevent ingrown hairs. This is the best way to keep your skin soft and prevent unwanted razor burn on your face.

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