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Is WordPress superior to Wix, and if so, which should you choose?

Are you thinking about building a website but aren’t sure which platform to use? Is WordPress better than Wix among the two most popular choices?

WordPress is the most prominent website builder, powering approximately 33% of all websites on the internet. Wix, on the other hand, is rapidly attracting attention.

Both WordPress, as well as Wix are excellent systems, yet they are quite diverse. WordPress is a content management system, whereas Wix is a website builder.

Wix is a website builder and hosting platform all in one. Wix is an excellent solution for designing and publishing a website quickly for anyone with little or no tech skills who want to construct a basic website without wanting to learn something new.

WordPress is a content management system that may be used for a variety of purposes, which has comprehensive capabilities and customization choices for constructing and managing a complicated website.

A content management system (CMS) allows you to customize the look and feel of a website, integrate multimedia to the material, organize it, and handle many users, among other things. Because the customization choices are more extensive, the time required to set up and publish the website will be lengthier.

WordPress is now the most preferred platform for designing and implementing a website due to its popularity and wide reach. A good web design company would definitely advice you to opt for WordPress.

Let’s take a deeper look at the main characteristics of both platforms, as well as the differences among them, to see if WordPress is superior to Wix.


Which is better: Wix or WordPress for costs?

When it comes to selecting a web design platform, the cost of creating a website is a major consideration. The price of creating and operating a website is entirely dependent on your needs.

Let’s try comparing Wix pricing to WordPress pricing to see which is more costly and which provides more for a lower price.

Wix Pricing: Wix’s basic website builder is available for free. The catch is that providing the website builder for free includes adverts at the top and bottom of your site. Furthermore, you won’t be able to use your own unique web domain with Wix; instead, your website URL will be name.wix.com/yoursitename.

You must purchase one of the paid plans to remove the adverts and have access to add-ons such as Google Analytics. There are several premium options available. Each plan comes with its own set of disk and performance restrictions.

The best option is the unlimited plan, which costs $12.50 per month and includes all of the tools needed to create a quality website.

WordPress Pricing: WordPress is an open-source application that is free to use. To use the free services, however, you must have your own domain name and a web server. Depending on your budget, you may select hosting, which starts at $0.99 per month and goes up to $29 per month and beyond.

WordPress has dozens of free plugins and themes that may be leveraged to cut costs. Plugins can be used to add functionality to a website without having to upgrade the hosting package. If you opt to use commercial themes or plugins, the budget of your website will rise.


WordPress is superior to Wix since it provides a variety of flexible options from a variety of hosting companies. The price is entirely dependent on the resources you choose to deploy.


Is WordPress better for SEO than Wix?

Both WordPress and Wix have limited SEO capabilities available. Both systems include powerful SEO tools through applications or plugins.

However, from an SEO standpoint, WordPress is recognized as a superior platform. The plugins it provides can do any type of optimization necessary for a fully optimized website.

Wix, on the other hand, requires you to utilize its own server, which might make the Wix site extremely sluggish when traffic is heavy.

You may effortlessly customize your files, pages, and other WordPress elements to meet the criteria of current SEO practices. Wix does not provide much in the way of customization and extensibility.

Wix is a wonderful alternative if your site has modest SEO needs and you wish to operate on a simple platform. Wix sites are well-known for their high Google rankings.

If you want to employ SEO as a long-term approach, you should look at systems like WordPress, which provide extensibility and personalization.

As a result, we can claim that if you’re searching for a website-building platform with a solid SEO base, WordPress is superior to Wix in terms of SEO.


Which is best for e-Commerce: Wix or WordPress?

An essential aspect that most newbies look for when developing a website is the ability to start an internet-based company and sell its products and services online. Let’s compare and contrast Wix vs. WordPress to determine which one is superior for e-Commerce.

Wix provides e-Commerce features as part of their pro version. This implies that Wix free plan customers will be unable to create an e-Commerce shop unless they upgrade to a pro version.

You can sell stuff online using a few third-party applications, but they’re all expensive and demand a subscription fee.

WooCommerce, on the other hand, makes it simple to create an e-Commerce website using WordPress. WooCommerce is the platform that powers and hosts as many as 40% of all e-Commerce websites globally.

There are a variety of additional e-Commerce plugins available for selling products and services online. The majority of WordPress e-Commerce plugins come with their own themes and plugins.

As a result, if you want to create a true e-Commerce website, WordPress provides far more agility and options than Wix.


Final Word:

Finally, based on the mentioned factors, the answer to the question of whether WordPress is superior to Wix is yes. Compared to Wix, WordPress is considerably better web development software.

Though Wix is a simple and user-friendly website builder, WordPress will be able to assist you in achieving much more in the long period.

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