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How to startup and successfully run a super app like Gojek?

Imagine being able to obtain multiple services and products within one app, not browsing through several platforms, and confused about making decisions. Sounds interesting. The Gojek like app comes to the rescue as a super app solution, making soliciting different services and products under one single platform possible. 

The Gojek like app is a boon to those wanting to shop for different products of several categories simultaneously. All the products are services will be categorized accordingly, and the user has to choose according to their preferences. From grocery delivery to taxi bookings, ordering food, to book travel tickets, all the services are done under one roof through proper organization. 

Break down of Gojek app

Gojek app, formerly known Go-Jek, was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia. The organization is an on-demand multiservice and digital payment platform. Initially, Gojek was a call center that drove customers to two-wheeler ride-hailing service and courier delivery. In 2015, Gojek launched an app with the promise of providing services: GoShop, GoFood, GoRide, and GoSend. Currently, being a provider of more than twenty services, Gojek rules the application platform, especially in the stage of super apps. 

The prominence of Super apps 

A super app is an online mall or market where several products and services are offered. The factor of convenience is high as every need is satiated through one vessel. Unlike a regular app or a store where the specialization lies towards one particular product, super apps ensure its arrangements to take care of multiple services efficiently. 

Services provided by the Gojek app

The Gojek and Gojek clone apps have similar features. Entrepreneurs must try to provide all the following services,

  • Go-Pay- an e-wallet 
  • GoRide- Motorcycle ride-hailing 
  • Go-Car- Ride-hailing car
  • Go-Blue bird- Metered taxi
  • Go-Food- On-demand food delivery
  • Go-Food festival- Offline food chain
  • Go-Mart- Grocery shopping 
  • Go-Shop- List of products not listed on Go-mart
  • Go-Tix- Tickets for entertainment
  • Go-Box- Transportation of large items
  • Go-Med- Medicine delivery
  • Go-Massage- Request personal masseuse 
  • Go-Glam- Beauty service
  • Go-Clean- Cleaning service
  • Go-Auto- Automobile repairs and care
  • Go-Bills- Pay electricity bills
  • Go-Pulsa- Phone credit top-up
  • Go-points- Loyalty program
  • Go-Pertamina- Fuel delivery service
  • Go-play and Go-Studio- Video streamer and production house
  • Go-Nearby- Directory connecting customers with Go-Food merchants

Gojek Clone app- its offers and features

Gojek clone app provides sixty-three plus on-demand services such as ride-hailing, food delivery, on-demand maids, on-demand handyman, on-demand tutors, grocery delivery, on-demand mechanic service, alcohol delivery, etc. It is ready to launch an app made with Gojek script, which has all the features embedded in one software package. A person who wishes to own a business that can grab the attention of the existing population should opt for the Gojek clone app for its ability to generate profits and fame. 

How does the Gojek clone app work?

The buyer will be offered a list of services. Once they choose their preference, a request will be received on the service provider’s end. The service provider can accept/ reject the request. 

Future of Super apps

There is a constant demand to make life easier every day. Technological advancements play a pivotal role in upbringing the foreseen ideas. The goal is to make life simple through the developments. Imagine not having to reach several online platforms to buy and solicit several services, and reach all the necessities under one roof. People may not even use many apps daily. It can also discard the usage of several apps that take up too much space, allowing your phone’s battery life to last longer.

 The lockdown rules have made it mandatory to stay indoors in several regions. Online service providers are the need of the hour. People adapt to a lifestyle. The current lifestyle of preferring online shopping over traditional shopping will persist even after the situation settles. The future relies on satisfying the demands for easing the procurement of necessities as the generation wishes to receive everything at their doorstep. Super app hence provides tremendous growth opportunities to grow through the economy’s market continuously. When creating Gojek like app, Entrepreneurs must take a good look on this.

Cost of development of Gojek clone app

The cost of the Gojek clone app depends on the features and customization designs chosen. Certain features, animations, and graphics cost more. We will add additional features to the software package to the cost. Also, the cost depends on the choice of the operating system. Software installations for android cost more than ios due to the requirement of testing on various devices. 

Final Words

The super app solution will incentivize your entrepreneurship idea and make you want a constant upgrade. Gojek clone app is the right choice to build the next big market in the country and be carried throughout the world. The super app solution is white labeled and a user-friendly design made to give a smooth user experience and privacy. The Gojek clone can take the app internationally through multiple currency payments, language additions, and some arrangements.

Jennifer Atkinson
Jennifer Atkinson is a Growth Hacker at AppDupe - which is a pioneer in on-demand app development and an one-stop solution for all your digital business needs. She is also a blogger and a growth hacker who loves to find new business ideas and help startup entrepreneurs with business consultation.



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