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How to Properly Tie and Wear Different Scarf Styles

If you are living in an extremely cold place, wearing layers is a must. Aside from your body, you also have to protect your hands, ears, and neck from being exposed to the cold or else, you’ll suffer frostbite. Ouch!

Meanwhile, wrapping the entire body is unnecessary for other countries; just a coat and a scarf will do. Scarves are used as an extra layer of warmth or just an accent for the day’s outfit. If you frequently wear scarves on your days out, you may be running out of ways to style them.

Read on for tips to give that scarf a fresh look instead of being just a piece of cloth hanging around your neck!

Celebrity Wrap

Nothing’s better than a simple and stylish look. If you want to steal that being-chased-by-paparazzi look found in every online magazine, you can easily do it in simple ways. Just wrap your scarf around your neck two to three times and insert one end into the loop or just let the ends naturally hang under your chin. 

This style is so iconic that you can visualise it with high heels, oversized sunglasses and ripped jeans. You may also add a few accessories with it. However, if you want it to be more subtle and low-key, you can modify whatever you wear according to your style and liking. 


The cinched style can be considered a modern style that breaks centuries of scarf tradition. There are many ways to cop this style, but the simplest way to do it is by hanging your scarf on your nape, letting the two ends hang on your chest all the way down to your body. 

Simply tie a belt around your body, including the ends of the scarf, making it a part of your outfit. The belt helps keep the scarf in place while also giving your style a perfect accent. You can design the rest of your outfit however you want, but this style favours monochromatic outfits to highlight the prints and colours of your scarf. 

French Knot

You have likely seen many examples of this style from a fashion blog or two. French knots are so popular because they will always look classy. If you are wearing jeans and a shirt, you can instantly turn your outfit into a chic-looking ensemble by simply adding a french-knotted scarf. This can also be achieved on heavy winter fabrics, so there’s no need to worry about looking like a sheep in the winter season! 

To do a French knot, fold your scarf in two and hang it around your neck. Keep the loop is on the left side of your body, with the ends on the right. Then, insert one end of the scarf to the loop in the side. After that, get the lower part of the loop and insert the other end to create a loop on top of the first one. This knot is best for a smart casual look. 


The scarf is the most commonly used accessory in countries that experience the winter season. But because of the scarf’s beautiful designs and stylish look, it has been adopted by other cultures, too! There are so many ways to style your scarf. Just remember that whenever or wherever you wear it, make sure you are not compromising your comfort over your style. 

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