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How to Know if Your SEO Firm is Helping You or Hurting You

It is important to know that the SEO agency that you hire can hurt you. If they follow the techniques of black hat SEO then your business can get hurt. In order to improve rankings a lot of businesses spent thousands of dollars but soon they came to know that the SEO agency is a fraud agency. So, prevent yourself from ruining your site or wasting so much money. Now I am going to describe how to know if your SEO firm is helping you or hurting you.

Signs that your SEO firm is hurting you

1.The SEO agency does not show anything to you – The SEO firm is required to describe in detail the SEO practices that they follow for improving your business. Getting good SEO results can take several months’ time. So, don’t worry if you do not get the required outcome very soon. You can ask in which task the firm spent your money. When you hire a firm then after some weeks, they can provide you the following things:

  • Your website’s content optimization
  • Your website’s link profile analysis
  • Your website’s SEO audit

It is basically an illustration. But it is necessary for them to do some important things with proof.

2.The SEO agency doesn’t ask you for anything – The firm will need your help so that they can provide you the good stuff. The agency can ask for the certain things which are:

  • Your CMS access via admin or editor
  • Google analytics access via admin
  • Google Webmaster Tools access
  • Social accounts access
  • Target keywords’ list
  • Work/penalties/past audits

If the agency doesn’t ask any of the above things then it indicates that it can perform certain actions that are harmful for your site.

3.The agency doesn’t suggest you anything for making the improvements – If they do not suggest you anything for making the improvements then it indicates that they are doing nothing or doing something suspicious. A good agency will give you suggestions so that you can get success.

4.They do not talk about the techniques that they use – It is necessary for you to ask them about the tasks that they do for your site and what techniques they use. If they will give any of the answers that I will mention below then it indicates that they are fraud:

  • Being an agency, we have to keep all the tasks confidential
  • We cannot tell anybody about the practices that we follow because it is our industry’s nature.
  • There is so much to explain and it can take a lot of time.

It is necessary for the agency to explain everything to you. If it does not do that then it is not a good agency.

5.There is a drop in your rankings – If there is a drop in your rankings then one reason behind this can be the agency does certain things that algorithmically penalizes your website. Try to know about the actions that the agency performs. Stop them immediately if you find something suspicious.

Signs that your SEO firm is helping you

1.The agency has deliverables – A good agency will give you information about everything that it does. This may include:

  • Websites with dofollow backlinks to the website of your company.
  • Auditing your link profile, content, homepage and complete site.
  • Editing your pages’ content.
  • Information about the ranking of your site and work done by the agency in a monthly or weekly report.

Rankings cannot be improved just by doing magic. The agency can make attempts to do this. It will be good for you if they give you details about everything that they perform.

2.The agency recommends you to make improvements – Allow the agency to help you because if they do this then your site can improve. If the firm suggests you to make some improvements then it shows that the firm takes interest in performing various tasks by considering you as a partner. If you will do everything as per their recommendations then your chances of getting a good outcome will increase. A good SEO firm will suggest you to do the following things:

  • Use LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
  • It is necessary that your homepage includes social channels in an integrated form.
  • Initiate a plan of content marketing.
  • Initiate a blog.
  • It is important for your home page to include some more good content.
  • Your site content needs optimization.
  • It is important that the images include alt tags.
  • Make a sitemap.xml.
  • Make improvements in the speed of your website.
  • Enhance your SEO by using Yoast or Super Cache plugins.
  • Do the audit of your link profile.

3.Improvements occur in your rankings – You can call the firm as very good if it gives you good rank. The improvements in rankings can be shown by some trustworthy and legitimate signs:

  • The website ranks for target keywords.
  • The website ranks on Google’s first page.
  • The website ranks for various long tail keywords.

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