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How To Get A Ripped Body With Exercise

If you want to tone and firm up your abs without expensive and potentially painful equipment, you should do some exercise routines at home. Exercises like floor squats can tone and strengthen your abdominals without too much effort. This article will show you how to do floor squats. To begin, read on.


Floor Exercises: Floor Exercises are probably the most efficient and least costly workouts you can do. But they can be very boring if you do not have a routine. It takes a lot of discipline to keep your activities interesting. There are many ways you can keep your workouts interesting without having to do all the work.

Exercise One: Side Plank is the basis of all exercises. You lay flat on your back with your right hand on the left side of your head and your left hand on your right side, with your knees straight. Keep both hands together at the side of your head. You are going to hold this position for one minute.

Exercise Two: Abdominal Crunches This is another one of the best workouts there is. The first step is to lie flat on your stomach, then bend your knees and lift your body up off the floor. In a slow controlled movement, lower yourself back down to the floor, repeating the motion on the opposite side. This exercise will help strengthen your core abdominal muscle group. Repeat this workout up to three times.

Exercise Three: Bicycle Crunch This is also another one of my favorites as it is great workout because it is fun, easy to do, and you don’t need much equipment. To do bicycle crunch, lay flat on your stomach and then, while holding onto the handles of the bicycle, slowly bring yourself up to parallel. In a slow controlled movement, bring yourself back to the starting position. This is one repetition that you should do no more than thirty seconds. Remember to take a break after thirty seconds.

Exercise Four: Push-Up With the floor, position yourself on your toes and place your hands either side of the head. Then, push yourself up straight up, gripping the floor tightly. Next, slowly lower yourself down back to the starting position, repeating the motion on the opposite side. This exercise will increase the strength of your triceps. To do this exercise correctly, you should perform three sets with four repetitions.

Exercise Five: Side plank With the floor, place a chair under your legs and lean against it with your elbows resting on the floor. Now, lift your shoulders and bend your knees to one side. Place your hands on the sides of your head and slowly lift your rib cage until your shoulders are at the level of your navel. Make sure your hands and arms are parallel with the floor before raising your head and slowly lowering yourself back down to the starting position.

Exercise Six: The push-up Exercise, as the name suggests, is a push-up where you use your own bodyweight instead of weights to make an unbroken chain between your feet. For this exercise, ensure that your feet are placed firmly on the floor. Begin by laying your palms on the floor directly beneath your shoulders. You will know that you are doing a proper push-up when your elbows are locked. Push yourself away from the wall, leaning forward until your upper body is at a right angle with the floor.

Next, inhale deeply and then exhale as slowly as possible, taking three breaths. Make sure your stomach muscles contract and expand, while locking your upper body in the correct pushup position. Do five reps of eight, resting in the standing position. Then, do three sets of fifteen, lifting your arms after each set. Repeat these exercises until you reach your cardio and total body goal.

If you do not have access to a mirror or have bad vision, you can use a video recorder so that you can record your progress. Then, using a timer, clock, or a voice recorder, record your progress. As you gain confidence in your ability to perform these exercises without equipment, you can increase the weight for each repetition, increasing the difficulty. Also, make sure to vary your speed, inclination, and timing for maximum efficiency.

These six exercises will provide a powerful workout if you follow the correct guidelines. It is important to not overwork your muscles. Remember to warm up before each workout, and do the exercises with proper form. If you are able to perform exercises without equipment, use your legs. Doing so will increase your cardio, tone your muscles, and burn fat faster than if you use equipment.

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