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How to clean the Laptop screen?

How many times have you thought that your laptop also requires cleaning? If you clean your house and premises daily, then what stops you from cleaning your laptop/laptop screen regularly? Well, I am sure you just got thinking, right? The topic is such that it can put thoughts in any mind. So, here we go, let’s discuss how to clean a laptop screen?

The only worry that may keep you off the screen for cleaning purposes is the sensitivity angle engaged with it. Laptops are a sensitive product, and handling the same has to be done to achieve the best results without causing any damage to the device. Ruining the smooth functioning of the laptop is not your idea of running a cleaning drive. So, care is of utmost importance when you indulge in a cleaning session of your essential device.

Tips and tricks to clean the laptop:

#1. Make use of a microfibre cloth

If you want to dry clean your laptop screen, then nothing is better than a dry microfiber cloth. Simply wipe the screen with a dry cloth to keep the dust off the screen and restore the sheen of the screen. Cleaning the screen with such cloth will not produce any scratch on the surface and effectively clean the dust. Gently use the material without scrubbing it on the net.

Tip: Do not use tissue paper to clean the screen as it can act rough on the screen, mainly because it may cause scratches.

#2. Use damp cloth in case of dirt and grime.

Dry dust is not the only problem that can infest the screen of the laptop. Sometimes, the tough grime and dirt can also attract the attention of the user. Hence, an intense cleaning drive is required to keep the screen clean, and under such circumstances, the dry microfibre will not suffice. A damp sponge can quickly help to clean the dirt and restore the shine to the screen.

Tip: Avoid using tap water to damp the sponge. Use distilled water for wetting the sponge for better results—power off the device before running the errand. Also, ensure to cover the keyboard with a cloth if you fear that the sponge may drip liquid on the keyboard.

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#3. Use a specifically designed screen cleaning spray.

Sometimes you may notice oil and grease marks on the screen, and such stains require a more intense cleaning regime. Using a safe and specifically designed screen cleaner can do the trick. However, be aware of the chemicals present in the cleaner. Avoid substances that read ingredients like Acetone, Ethyl acid, Ethyl Alcohol, Methyl Chloride, etc. if you still feel insecure about the market cleaners, then make one at home with safe ingredients. 

Try any one of the following formulations:

  1. 100% distilled water with a drop of liquid dishwashing detergent.
  2. 50% distilled water and 50% vinegar.
  3. 50% Isopropyl alcohol and 50% distilled water

Tip: The best solution is to cover the keyboard and perform the task to not fear the dripping key on the keyboard. Using a water-proof cover is the best way to ensure its safety.

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#4. Do not spray directly on the screen.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that spraying the solution directly on the screen will do more harm than help. The answer will instantly drip, and the stains of dripping will further make the screen appear messy. The best way to handle the situation is to spray on the cloth or the sponge and then use the damp sponge/cloth to run across the screen without rubbing it too hard. Be gentle with the motion on the screen.

Preventive Steps: Prevention is always better than cure

A few preventive measures can also ensure that the screen remains clean. If you frequently use a laptop, then a regular cleaning regime should be an ideal choice.

  • Always keep a microfibre cloth handy with you. Whenever you shut your laptop, make it a habit to clean the screen after shutting your device. It will ensure cleanliness and you will be relieved of the painful lengthy cleaning methods.
  • If you know that the laptop will not be in use for an extended period of time, then do not leave it open to attract dust. Rather store it in your laptop bag to ensure its maintenance.
  • Also, don’t ignore your keyboard. Your keyboard is the place that bears the brunt of typing and dead skin from fingers touch the area that may get transferred on the screen. So, while running the microfibre cloth on-screen, invest a few seconds or a minute to run your cloth over the keyboard too.
  • If you are the proud owner of a touchscreen laptop, ensure not to tap the screen hard. Touchscreens are sensitive to pressure and should be handled with care. Even while cleaning, ensure that the microfiber cloth is run down gently to avoid any pressure.

The laptop is an essential device and WFH has made it further value for the users. Hence, the maintenance of the device should be a priority of the users. A good cleaning habit will save your
laptop screen against tough stains and scratches.

Sourav Kumar
Sourav Kumar
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