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How to avoid Screen time

“Mobile, tablets, laptops have become a part of our work life or rather part of daily life. Mobiles have become like a daily necessity like food and water. Usage is increasing day by day as mostly all the work is done the phones nowadays.

Smartphones come with smartness and this smartness is turning out to be very expensive to some people. It is affecting relationships and family time. Excessive screen time damages the eyesight, postures, and also your way of thinking. It is a kind of an addiction now. If one does not check your phone for about even half an hour then you can notice the person becoming impatient and immediately rush to check any updates.  Below are some suggestions to decrease your screen time for a better lifestyle.

  • Peaceful meals without a screen: It has been told repeated times by spiritual Gurus and motivational speakers that the habit of surfing on the mobile or even watching tv is not advisable while having meals. Having food should always be peaceful to get all the nourishment of what you are eating. If you are at work and having your meal your time away from the screen will give your mind as well as your eyes a break. Your productivity will increase and you will be able to concentrate better.
  • Limited nonwork screen time: Once you are at home try to spend time with family. Avoid checking mails and messages related to work unless it is urgent. You will start feeling good and relaxed once you make this a habit
  • Watching movies on tv/mobile on the bed: Watching in bed will make you feel cozier and you will soon switch to more episodes. If we watch the same thing on a sofa or a couch you will start feeling uncomfortable after a while and you end up offing your phone and going to bed.
  • Set a timer and be disciplined: If you want to reduce your screen time. Set a timer as per your daily routine and follow it. This will help you manage all your daily tasks well and within time limits. You can further keep the timer changing as per the need of the hour.
  • Charging rule: Form a habit to charge your phone in the next room if possible or away from you so that you do not tend to hold it frequently and do not get tempted to check it.
  • Schedule calls rather than video calls or chats: Calling will cut the conversation short and will be to the point. Chats may get diverted from the actual task on hand
  • Alternative: You always have alternative solutions for certain things. Like if you are fond of reading prefer to grab the book and read rather then reading online. This will be less harmful to your eyes
  • Exercise while watching: The biggest complaint of any addictive is that he is not able to exercise due to workload. You can exercise while you watch. In this way, you will be using other parts of the body also which will help you remain fit.
  • Socialise face to face: The biggest drawback of social media it that it has badly affected the social life of the people. Birthdays and anniversaries are wished on messages rather than calling or meeting in person. Try to live that life again. Meeting friends and families on weekends and enjoying life to the fullest.

With a little push, you change your habits and try to lead a life with more fun and happiness. It is all in your mind and it is only you who can change it. Hope you found my post effective and of some help to drive you to towards a better life which is much needed

Disciplined Lifestyle  !!!! Happy Family !!! Happy Life !!!

Rutvi Jani
Rutvi Jani
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