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Guide to fix Avast not opening on Mac

Avast offers security plans for Mac devices. Users can install the setup for Avast antivirus and then use all the advanced tools easily. The antivirus scans the system and removes all malicious threats. But many people reported that the Avast is not opening on Mac devices.

Reasons behind Avast antivirus not opening error

  1. The user has installed the incompatible setup on the Mac device
  2. Another security software is conflicting with your Avast
  3. System junk is interrupting Avast antivirus
  4. Avast antivirus program files went missing
  5. Some unreliable program is conflicting with Avast
  6. You are trying to install a corrupted Avast setup

Resolving Avast antivirus not opening on Mac error:

Reinstall the Avast antivirus setup on your Mac

When you are getting the not opening issues and showing installation error then check the setup. Sometimes the setup didn’t download properly and then shows the installation issues. This mainly appears when your internet connection is weak.

Due to an unstable connection, the setup didn’t download correctly. Go to the setup download link and then download the setup again. Now go to your downloads folder and click on Avast setup. Run the Avast antivirus setup on your system and your antivirus will get installed on the system. Now open your antivirus and then try to run your scan.

Inspect the Avast resource requirements

The resource issues appear when the user is transferring the license from one system to another. When the Avast antivirus is not opening then you have to check the resource requirements. Now inspect the Mac device for the same.

If your Mac is not specified according to the Avast requirements then it won’t get installed on the system. People often transfer the licence without checking the requirements. You can’t transfer your Windows license on a Mac device. If you want to use Avast antivirus on Mac then get an Avast plan which is compatible with your Mac device.

Remove all the junk from the Mac device

Your Avast can get into errors when the Mac device has accumulated lots of junk on the system. Some of the junk like temp files, cookies, caches, etc can interrupt the programs on your system. When your antivirus gets into any error then inspect all the junk files on the system. Remove those junk files from your system. After deleting those files, restart the Mac and now run the antivirus on your system.

Uninstall another security program

Your Avast will get conflicting errors when the user has installed multiple security programs. Using multiple security software won’t help in increasing the security but can get into issues. Every security program needs resources. When the user installs multiple security software programs, they start conflicting with the resources.

Users should only install a single anti-malware on the system. When your Avast antivirus is not opening then inspect your system for other security programs. If you have installed any other security program then uninstall it from the system.

Go to its setup and remove it instantly. Also, delete all the related files to prevent any kind of error. After removing those files, you can run the Avast antivirus. When Avast finds any suspicious threats, it will remove the threats and notify you with the warning pop-up immediately. In case you don’t want to see the pop-ups then you can disable them from the dashboard.

How do I Stop Avast Popups?

  1. Open Avast dashboard and then click on Menu
  2. Select Settings and open the General tab
  3. Choose the Notification option and choose Use Silent mode

Now the user won’t receive the pop-ups on the system. Go back to the menu and scan your whole system.

Remove the conflicting program

Some Mac users reported that the Avast is not opening when they are using it with another program. This issue appears when the other program is conflicting with Avast antivirus. Check the program which is getting you into Avast error.

If the program seems unreliable then remove it from your Mac. The error is appearing due to the program; your Avast is working without any error. Once the user removes the conflicting program from the system; your Avast will start working reliably. Open the dashboard of Avast and now run a full system scan to remove all the dangerous malware from your system.

Reinstall Avast setup on the Mac

Avast will start showing the errors when the user has deleted some of its program files. While working on the system; the user may delete some of the Avast program files mistakenly. The best technique for fixing the missing program files error is by reinstalling the setup. Uninstall your corrupted Avast setup and download a new setup. Install your new Avast plan on the system and try to open it for scanning the system.

Carrie Obrien
I am a technology consultant.



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