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Getting the Most From Your Venues for Any Occasion

The quaint seaside town of Coventry has a lot to offer visitors whether you are looking for a relaxing day out or a venue for a business conference. Many businesses choose the historic and attractive city center as their venue of choice due to the ease of transport, easy accessibility and the lower cost of accommodation. However, choosing to hold a business event in the centre of Coventry can be extremely costly, particularly if you book your hotel in advance. If you can help it, do not put all your eggs in one basket when thinking about what to use as a venue. That way you can cut down on costs and still get all the facilities you require.

A number of hotels and self catering establishments offer event-planning facilities including meeting rooms, reception areas and banquet facilities but for most businesses the key to reducing their overall costs is to use a central place to house all their activities. This may seem like an obvious answer but many venues have hidden expenses which they don’t make clear prior to booking your event. The typical central location will have a general business feel with comfortable room service and onsite staff but it may not have all the space you require for your event-planning meetings. If you can achieve a similar outcome at a less expensive price by booking a smaller venue, you should certainly consider doing so.

It may seem like common sense but, if you are a small or medium sized company, it is cheaper to book a larger hall in the town centre than it is to purchase a series of adjoining rooms for a single event. Although you can of course find smaller halls with suitable amenities at a fraction of a rate, you do not need to necessarily break the bank to get an event-planning venue in the heart of the city. With a little advance planning you can make the most of your available space and save money by avoiding hotels and event venues that charge excessive rates for using their facilities.

Coventry offers a range of different venues for business conferences including museums and galleries, art galleries and specialist artistic centres. As it is situated within a short driving distance to the heart of London, you can choose to hold your events at one of these central locations or spread your activities out across the suburbs or rural areas of the city. The central location of Coventry makes it an ideal place to host corporate events, trade exhibitions and conferences as it has the necessary infrastructure in place to support larger gatherings. Many venues offer conference-style seating at all events, catering, lighting, sound systems, toilets and catering.

When considering the different venues for your events in Coventry, you will find that the town centre is often the most costly, but it does have a range of benefits to its name. The centrally located nature of the buildings means that you will be close to the tube, bus stop and other forms of transport easily. With this in mind, you can choose to hold your event in a more central area, or spread out and accommodate a number of guests in one large hall or reception. Many venues offer a host of flexible options when it comes to event-planning, depending on your requirements and budget.

One of the main attractions of Coventry is its location, which makes it ideal for holding a variety of corporate events and conferences. This includes large conferences such as exhibitions and training courses. For quieter, less formal events, there are plenty of smaller and more intimate venues that can accommodate small conferences and training courses. One other benefit of holding events like these in the town centre is the level of safety and security that the area has to offer. There is always the option of hiring a security guard, but if you are planning a big social or corporate event then hiring a private security guard is a viable alternative.

If you are interested in holding an event-planning function in the less frequented parts of town, then you may want to consider venues such as the Victorian Theatre or the National Maritime Museum. These venues are situated within walking distance to many of the more popular centres in Coventry and the surrounding area and offer a similar experience to the bigger events held elsewhere in the city. Many of the smaller venues have capacity for a larger number of people than some of the bigger hotels. This means that you can save on your overall venue costs and still get a great service. Of course, this all depends on the quality of the service that you receive.

Overall, while there are plenty of venues in Coventry and the surrounding area that will offer you a service that will suit your needs for any type of event-planning function, it will largely come down to your budget and what type of function you want to hold. If you need a large venue that will accommodate a large number of people then you may want to look at venues such as the Victorian Theatre or the National Maritime Museum. If you are looking for smaller venues that can hold more intimate events then you will want to visit places such as the Coventry Museum or the NEC. No matter what type of event-planning function you are looking to hold, there is an event-planning venue in the world to suit you.

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