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Garage Door Repairs vs Garage Door Replacement

Sydney is one of the most expensive cities across the globe, but still, it is the most populous city of Oceania. Now that you have a decent house in Sydney, you would want to do your best to maintain your property and keep it in good condition. And house maintenance includes all aspects of the house, inclusive of your garage door. Sometimes you would be confused between whether you should go for garage door repairs in Sydney or replace the door completely. Repairing may be cheaper than replacing the door, but sometimes the garage door would demand a replacement.

No one would want to make unnecessary expenditure on purchasing a new item in their house when the successful repair can be done on the existing one. You would want to keep your expenses to the minimum, especially when you are living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. The same applies to your garage door as well. While replacing the garage door can completely transform the feel and look of your property, you will mostly want to get away with a cheap repair instead of replacing it altogether. There are certain factors that may influence your decision. Here we will give you some useful information, based on which you can choose between garage door repair and replacement.

How to decide whether to go for a Garage Door Repair or Replacement?

Check the Extent of Wear and Tear

The door you install on your garage can completely transform your home’s exterior, enhance its curb appeal, and complement your property’s architecture. If your garage door has received enough wear and tear, it will take away your home’s beauty to a great extent. If only a single panel needs replacement, then you can choose garage door repairs, but if multiple panels have gone bad, then a replacement would be a better option. Rust or fading on multiple panels indicate irreparable wear and tear that cannot be fixed with the repair. If you repair a few panels now, other few will demand attention a few months later. So, it’s better to replace all of them once and for all.

Wooden garage doors are prone to cracking and warping. Take these as tell-tale signs for replacing your door. Your door’s age plays an important role in helping you make your decision. If you installed it only 3-5 years ago, then the repair may do the job. But if it is over 15 years old, then it must have gone through enough wear and tear, and replacement can be a better option than garage door repairs in Sydney.

See the Extent of Damage

Damage is not the same as wear and tear. Even if your door is new, it may get severely damaged due to a collision or high wind. There are different parts in a garage door that work seamlessly to help it operate as expected. But if your door has been significantly damaged in an incident, then it may become unsafe for your property, and the garage door repairs in Sydney may cost far more than replacement.

Know your insurance options first if your garage door has been damaged. Your car or homeowner’s insurance may cover some of the cost of the door’s replacement. However, it depends on the type of reason for damage.


Condition of the Garage Door

Is your garage door not working anymore? Has it stopped operating altogether? If yes, then there can be a number of reasons for this. If it has stopped working all of a sudden, then there are many specialists who can identify the issue and do the garage door repairs. But if your door was struggling for quite a long time and you left it ignored, then it must have culminated a problem due to a more significant issue. If it is beyond repair, it may demand a complete replacement.

With regular upkeep and maintenance, there would be a lesser probability of replacement, but if you notice that sign of damage are more, then you must go for garage door replacement. 

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