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Exercise For Strengthening Your Lower Back

You can get a fantastic workout in just a short period of time by using exercise balls. In fact, it is one of the easiest forms of exercise around. But in order to get the most from your workout it needs to be done right: You have to have the right exercises with the correct format for you to properly crank up your metabolic rate, increase your muscle mass and build lean body tissue. There are different types of exercise balls out there – circular, rectangular, octagonal, hexagonal, octoplast, and so on. They also come in different sizes and you can choose from light, medium, or heavy duty varieties. The type you get will also depend on how you plan to use the ball – for example, if you want to use it to increase strength and endurance during yoga or Pilates then you might want to get one that is thicker and holds more weight.


Use the ball to do your warm-up exercises and stretches before your workout and before you exercise in general. This will help your muscles become more accustomed to being used and become more efficient at doing the same tasks. A great workout starts with a great warm-up and this will help you avoid straining yourself and give you a better chance of reaching your goals.

There are numerous core-based exercises you can do with an exercise ball. The pushup position is a favorite among athletes and bodybuilders as it works several important muscles at the same time. Stand upright with your chest up, arms by your sides, and your palms resting on the front of your thighs. Now, lean back until your lower back is parallel to the ground and then hold on to your stomach. Now, in a slow controlled movement, push yourself up into the pushup position and hold it for as long as possible.

Another great exercise for abs is the plank position. In this exercise, you have to lay on the floor with your feet hip-width apart and arms crossed behind your head. Now, lean back in a horizontal manner while holding your stomach in, and then, return to the plank position. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can, using only your heels and your toes when you reach the maximum stretch.

For the intermediate or beginner lifter, doing bench press repetitions with 50 pounds should be a sufficient amount for building up the chest muscles. However, if you feel that you cannot do so, you can begin doing repetitions with less weight. Beginners should start off with five reps of fifty pounds. Of course, the repetitions should be done only once you have been able to complete the first rep without pausing.

Next, do the hip-flexor stretches. To do this, lie on the floor with your buttocks close to the floor. Now, cross your legs under your feet and pull your lower back towards the floor. Then, bend your knees and pull your hips towards your legs. This should pull your abdominal muscles towards the floor.

You should then pull your upper back up towards the floor as well. Do these two stretches until your upper back feels tired. Once you have completed all these, you can proceed to the plank exercise. In this exercise, you have to keep your elbows resting on the floor and then, lean back on the floor, keeping your belly straight, and push your chest outwards towards the ceiling, squeezing your upper back.

If you are going to do an exercise on the plank position, you will have to put your hands directly below your head. Keep your hands flat against the floor, and then, bend your elbows so that they face either upwards or downwards. As your body keeps leaning forward, your abdomen will also expand, pushing your upper back down and outwards. The upper back will contract, and your hands will drop down to the floor. Make sure that your heels remain grounded throughout the exercise.

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