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Desert Safari Dubai – An Amazing Adventurous Arabian Experience

Dubai is known as the city of wonders. Because you will tallest and largest attraction in the world. Such as Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa and the man-made island called Palm Island.  But there is something more beyond these beauties, which is the beautiful magnificent Arabian desert. Which is its actual attraction and many international visitors throughout a year visit and explore it by experiencing a tour “desert safari Dubai“.

This is the only tour that experiences them the thrill, entertainment, and the old Bedouin lifestyle by cherishing Arabian Cuisines and Arabian Majlis seating. Along with them, you will also get to explore red high dunes, Camels, desert camps, Falcon and horses.  Also, the activities that occurred in the tour, you find easily in the magazines and the blogs.

This desert safari tour is popular because it is super flexible that anyone can afford to experience it.  From budget savers to luxury lovers can try this as per their desires.  You will get VIP treatment throughout the tour by paying an extra charge. Where the landscapes of the Arabian dunes are way snappy. Along with it, you will get many chances for the photo session on the tour.

The Wonderful Highlights of Desert Safari in Dubai

1. Pick up & Drop Off Service:

You will find the free pick & drop service as the package inclusion of desert safari in Dubai. As per your package selection, you will be picked up from your doorstep by Toyota Land Cruiser. Or you will be picked up from centralized location points by Bus.

There is also an option of self-drive, from where you are supposed to come at the desert meeting point. This means, there is no pick & drop service is included. But there will be a free parking slot for those who go for the self-drive package.

2. Dune Bashing:

After arriving at the desert safari camp, your appointed tour operator will let you experience numerous adventure sand activities on the high red dunes of Arabia. However, the major one is the dune bashing. Its time duration depends on your package you have selected. Which is approx 15 minutes, 25 minutes or 40 minutes.

3. Sandboarding:

Sandboarding is another sand activity experienced on high red dunes of Arabia. In the sandboarding, rent the skateboards and have a slide on the enormous mounds of sand.

4. Camel Ride:

Camel ride is the most common and experiencing ride in Dubai. This ride is mostly experiencing by international visitors to taste the Bedouin mode of transport.

5. Bedouin-Inspired Camp Services

As you enter the camp, you will be served hot Arabian coffee and tea. Along with the delicious snacks as the starter and the soft drinks will be served as cold beverages.

There is also a Henna painting facility for ladies and girls. This henna tattoo is done by the professional and mostly it is included in the tour package.

In the possession, wear the Arabic outfits and click tons of pictures as the Arabic costume photography. This is probably included in the package.

6. Live Entertainment Shows:

Live entertainment shows are performed by professional artists in the desert safari camp.  As the performance, Belly dancing, Tanoura and fire shows are performed. There is no doubt to say these shows splendid the tour so far.

7. BBQ Buffet Dinner:

In between the shows, the BBQ Buffet dinner is served. This buffet consists of many international cuisines. Such as Arabic, Asian and European cuisines. Where there is an extensive variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Where the non-veg setup is arranged outside the camp as the name of “LIVE BBQ”, where the vegan food setup is arranged inside the camp.

After dinner, you will be dropped at your destination safely.

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