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Consider these 5 things before buying an air purifier

We all know that the air inside our house is more polluted than the air outside. Since we spend more time at home, it is necessary that the air inside the house should be good and clean so that we can live a better life.

As the pollution level in India is increasing, the use of air purifiers is also increasing. Nowadays it is present in everyone’s home, especially in highly polluted cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Kanpur, and lots more. That is why we need to buy the best air purifier in India because pollution is a serious problem that we cannot ignore.

1. Need for air purifiers

Air purifiers are the best way to clean the air inside your house. Lots of particles, bacteria, dust are present in the air, and with the help of these air purifiers, we can protect ourselves from these things and lead a better life.

Specific needs: 


Air purifiers are specially designed to remove harmful fumes, odors, chimney soot, etc., Unpleasant smoke must be present in your home, and you are not aware of this thing, which is very harmful to your health. Air purifiers remove this smoke and give you good quality air.


Air pollution is the main cause of asthma. The highest number of deaths in India are from asthma and lung disease. Many people have died due to lung cancer, asthma, shortness of breath, and these things are caused by air pollution. That is why if you want to avoid these things then good air purifiers are needed in the house.


Many people in India complain of Allergies, in fact, it is due to dust, which needs to be avoided. Sometimes, due to allergies, one has to face many serious diseases. If you have air purifiers in your house then you can avoid these things.


Who doesn’t like playing with their pets at home? Everyone loves to play with their pets and spend time with them as much as possible. But you know that these pets also emit something that you are unaware of, and this smell is not good for your health. That is why if you have an air purifier in your house then it protects you from these things so that you can happily spend time with your animals.

2. Size of air purifiers 

Air purifiers are available in different sizes. It is available in large, medium, and small sizes. It is available in every size according to your requirement.

Small size 

These air purifiers are prepared according to the small size room or your personal space. They are commonly used for rooms up to 300 sq. ft.

Medium size 

They are used for rooms ranging from 300 to 400 square feet. Air purifiers should be taken according to room size. Then and only then they will be able to cleanse your room properly.

Large size 

Large size air purifiers are used for rooms ranging from 400 to 1900 square feet. For large rooms, air purifiers should be taken in a large size so that it can cover the entire room. Suppose if you are not familiar with all these things while taking air purifiers and you put small size air purifiers in a big room, then, in that case, it will not be able to work properly.

3. What features do you need to know?

While taking air purifiers, you need to know a lot about the features so that you can enjoy good service.

Energy conservation 

You should know whether these air purifiers save electricity or not?

Wi-Fi connection 

If your air purifiers have a Wi-Fi connection then this is a very good feature. Because with the help of this feature, you can handle it from your mobile.


This feature gives you quality air and accurate timing updates. In addition, it provides many services like remote control, multiple fan speed, filter change indicators, and so on.

 4. Where should you put air purifiers?

You should install air purifiers at the place where you spend the most time. If you spend more time in the bedroom then you should keep it there. If you spend more time in the living room then you should keep the air purifier of large size so that you get good quality air. 

5. Maintenance of air purifiers

If you want to enjoy the better facilities for air purifiers then you have to do maintenance of the air purifier from time to time. By doing this, your air purifier can work for a long time without causing problems.

HEPA Filters

In this filter, you need to change the HEPA filter every year. Some are good quality filters that last up to five years. For getting quality air, it is better to change these things in a timely manner.

Carbon filter 

Normally, its lifespan is 6 months, so you have to change it in 6-8 months.


It needs to be changed every 3 months so that it can work properly.


While taking air purifiers you should have complete information about their various features. In this article, we have mentioned 5 different things that are necessary before buying air purifiers, and hope that this information will help you a lot. Especially we need the best air purifiers in India because pollution levels are rising, this is a sign of danger for the future.

So make sure that you are choosing the best air purifier.

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