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Benefits Of using WhatsApp like app development – Quick Tour

As the world evolves, new generations with significant exposure to knowledge and technology have transformed the way humans perceive their lives. Back in those days, when communicating with each other used to be using a device called telephone where we talk to the speaker and at the other end, the person hears it through the receiver. But talking has been replaced with ‘texting’. Sending messages through texts has been famous since the launch of mobile phones. There come smartphones, an internet-enabled device with advanced applications that make us feel close to everyone irrespective of how far the person lives. One such revolutionary product is the messaging app like WhatsApp.


WhatsApp is a cloud-based messaging app used to send messages to anyone in the world. It is free to use, and it permits sharing files also.  It is the most used app around the globe. Last year in 2020, the total WhatsApp revenue was 5 billion US dollars with 2 billion users worldwide.


A Whatsapp clone script is the duplication of the original whatsapp but in a cost-effective and budget-friendly way which can be developed by anyone who wishes to provide an exotic product to the consumers. It takes fewer hours for its development, let us look at the steps to develop a whatsapp clone.

Steps to develop a Whatsapp clone app:

Step1: Choose the platform

 There are 3 types of platforms available. They are:

  •         Native app- this application is downloaded from the app store and used after it. This app has an icon and the user will be directed to the app after clicking the app.
  •         Hybrid app- this app is installed just like the native app but it uses a web viewer when it is clicked in.
  •         Web app- this app does not need to be downloaded and it can be used by browsing in the web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.

           Also, there are two versions such as Android and iOS versions.An Android version cannot be used on an iOS system and vice versa. one can choose anyone out of them or both versions to develop their app.

Step2: define the features. 

One has to decide on the number of features that are to be included in the app. The following are the essential features in the WhatsApp clone.

  • A group chat option 
  • audio calls
  • Video calls 
  • Cloud backup 
  • A blocking mechanism
  • WhatsApp Status 
  • A Dark mode option
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Live sharing of location
  • Forward messaging
  • WhatsApp for Business 
  • WhatsApp Pay  

Step3: development process. 

The development of a WhatsApp clone script involves two sectors. They are:

  •         Back end development
  •         Front end development


The back-end development is the backbone of the app that has the programming required for features, buttons, and other necessities necessary by the app for a smooth performance. It is the most crucial part of app development as this is where the programmer gives brains to each and every button and others that are present in the app. It is linked with the database, manages user performance, and powers the entire app. It is essential to run multiple tests to make sure this is bug-free and performs well.

The front-end development is the UI/UX design that enhances the look of the app. This is done using a graphical interface and it helps to make the buttons and other features give a form and are easily accessible by the users. It is important to put extra effort on the front end to make it look unique and appealing to the customers.


Benefits of whatsapp app clone development

  •         The app is free to download and use
  •          It can be used to send messages to anyone in the world
  •          It is very simple and user friendly
  •          In-app voice call facility and conference call facility is available
  •          In-app video call and video conferring facility is available
  •          Any form of media such as audio, video, etc. can be sent. Even documents such as pdf etc. can be sent.
  •          No advertising or promotional matter is displayed on the app screen that hides the contents of the app.
  •        The app will be very reliable and has gained the credibility of millions of users worldwide.
  •          The app has a feature to delete the messages sent by the user. It has two options either to delete the message just for them or to delete the message for everyone so that both parties cannot see the message
  •          As soon as the app is installed, the contacts are synced with the app and display the list of members from your contacts who use the app
  •          One can share the live location with their friends through the app
  •         The app doesn’t need a sim card to operate after it is registered using the mobile number.

Summing up

Many other apps came to the market and tried to surpass WhatsApp like app development with their more advanced features. Yet, WhatsApp remains to be number one in the market because its frequent updates and adding up attractive features, and focusing more on security have made the app reliable and trustworthy among the population.

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