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An E-Commerce Website Developer’s Guide

Ecommerce websites are web portals which facilitates online purchases of various goods and services via the exchange of monetary data and funds via Internet. In the earlier days, e-commerce was carried out partly through phone conversations and emails. But with the advent of modern technology and internet, this process has become much more efficient and cost effective. Modern e-commerce websites have made it possible for people to do business in foreign countries where local market is almost non-existent, by doing online shopping from the comforts of their home.

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There are many factors such as design, technicalities and functionality that influence the conversion rate and bounce rate of an e-commerce website. Designing, technicalities and functionality should be performed with utmost care, and an eye for detail should also be observed while completing each and every step. The design of an e-commerce site should be user-friendly and easily navigable, so that visitors do not face any problem while searching for the required items. If the design of a website is too complex, it might hamper the smooth flow of data from the online store and thus affect the online sale. It is therefore essential for a website owner to perform a substantial amount of research and analysis before deciding on the design of the website, as a wrong choice can have adverse effects on the entire business.

The design of e-commerce websites depends upon the nature of the product and the services sold through the website. Products like electronics, computers, software, etc. require special attention and the product description should adequately state about the features and functions of the product. It should also give a clear idea about the customer segment that is to be targeted.

There are many factors that determine the performance of an e-commerce sites such as the bounce rate, conversion rates and the traffic level. A high bounce rate indicates poor design and navigation whereas a low conversion rate indicates poor usability and poor design. If the website has poor bounce rate, it indicates that the number of visits is low, but the number of buyers or consumers is high. On the other hand, a high traffic level indicates that the sales have increased and hence the business owner should intensify efforts towards improving the sales.

While starting an e-commerce website, the usability of the website should be given topmost priority. An e-commerce website can only prove to be a success if the online buyers have a pleasant experience when they come to the website. There are certain things that need to be taken care of during the development of an e-commerce website. One of the foremost things to be considered is the content of the website. The content should be such that it appeals to the online shoppers and brings about an improved shopping experience.

If there are improvements in the technology involved, the e-commerce website can boast about greater interactivity. This is another factor that has to be taken care of while developing an e-commerce website. The business owner should keep in mind that each customer does not have the same technical ability and expectations from the online shopping experience. Hence, the website needs to cater to various requirements of different customers.

The business owner should also try to ensure that his website development project is cost effective. In this regard, he should seek assistance from companies that offer affordable website designing and development services. With the aid of these companies, one can save money on the budget. These companies offer attractive packages that include various website elements at affordable rates. Thus, one gets a wide variety of choices in terms of design and functionality.

One more important aspect of e-commerce websites is the ease with which the online shoppers can make their purchases. It is essential for an e-commerce website to provide easy methods of payment through credit card or online shopping cart. The payment gateways that the company uses should be checked to ensure that they are safe and secure. Most reputed websites use secure payment gateways that use 128-bit encryption. Secure payment gateways facilitate speedy transactions and better online experience.

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