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A Brief Guidance on Growth & Development of Uber-like app for tow truck

Have you ever got stranded in the middle of nowhere due to a vehicle breakdown and concerned about your safety? Do not worry anymore as an Uber-like app for tow truck is available 24×7 for providing emergency roadside assistance services. The tow truck drivers and mechanics will arrive quickly with just a few taps on the smartphone.

It provides high-quality services like dealing with accident cases, fixing broken glass and windshields, replacing dysfunctional batteries and flat tyres, maintenance of engines, fuel delivery, and medical intervention to prevent fatalities. Trained technicians can provide either on-the-spot repair services or will tow away the vehicle to a nearby garage or workshop. They can deal with both ordinary and high-end commercial and passenger vehicles. 

Entrepreneurs aiming to disrupt the multi-billion-dollar roadside assistance market can hire a reputed app development company in the market for outstanding on-demand tow truck app development. Well-versed developers create state-of-the-art Android and iOS apps for vehicle owners, tow truck drivers, and technicians. A modern web panel is provided for accepting online bookings from customers easily. An advanced admin dashboard is also developed to closely monitor the daily business operations.

What are the fabulous features of the on-demand roadside assistance app development solution?

Premium membership plans – The vehicle owners can become a member of subscription plans like (Silver, Gold, and Platinum) available both monthly and yearly on the Uber for tow truck app. They get benefits like priority bookings, low prices due to extra discounts, and dedicated support only from certified mechanics 24×7.

GPS integration – The customers can track the movement of the tow truck operations via integration with the latest versions of Apple Maps and Google Maps. They will be shared information about the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) of the service providers beforehand. The time of arrival will depend on the location (within the city or highway).

Acceptance of numerous payment methods – The users can easily pay for the availed on-demand roadside assistance services through Apple Pay, cash, credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay, net banking, Paytm, and wire transfers. 

A live chat option – The customers can interact with the mechanics and tow truck operators via the real-time chat facility. They can share photos and also do voice/video calls quickly. 

Availability of insurance – Insurance is provided to the vehicle owners in case of any damage by the tow truck driver or technician to their bike or car. 

Access to multiple coupons and deals – The users of an Uber-like app for tow truck can utilize a bunch of on-demand roadside assistance services. They can take full advantage of lucrative coupons, deals, and promotional offers available in nearby garages and workshops. 

Provision of round-the-clock support – The vehicle owners can resolve any complaint or issue immediately by reaching out to the dedicated Help Centre available 24×7 in multiple languages.

Several options for the tow truck service providers – The tow truck operators get benefits like access to exclusive dealer management software (DMS), availability of detailed mechanical guides, elimination of cumbersome paperwork, and faster processing of payments.

A rating and review system – The customers can rate the quality of the on-demand roadside assistance services on a scale of 1-5 in the integrated feedback system.  

What is the comprehensive process followed to create an Uber-like app for tow trucks?

  • A consultation meeting is held with the entrepreneur to know his/her business plans and operational scope for establishing an on-demand roadside assistance app development solution. 
  • The business analysts will study the working style of other Uber for tow truck apps in the market. Information about their customer-retention tactics and digital marketing strategies will be collected.
  • The prototype of an Uber-like app for a tow trucks is developed. It is filled with all primary aspects like booking an on-demand roadside assistance service, GPS integration, an online payment gateway, and customer support. 
  • All the needed functionalities are added to the on-demand tow truck app. The performance and security of the final version of the roadside assistance solution are evaluated by the QA testers.  Technical bugs and vulnerabilities are removed quickly. 
  • The readily deployable on-demand roadside assistance development solution is launched in the target market at the right time. 
  • The digital marketing team shares the benefits of the Uber for tow truck app across the leading transport forums and social media networks. This boosts the positive buzz for the entrepreneur’s on-demand roadside assistance development solution and results in more profits and revenue. 

What is the budget to allocate for curating an on-demand roadside assistance app development solution?

The cost of developing an Uber-like app for tow truck depends on factors such as API integration, choice of frameworks and technologies used, the extent of customization required by the business firm, multi-platform compatibility (Android, iOS, and Web), the hourly/monthly rate paid to the front-end and back-end developers, the time that is taken for development, and the type of basic and premium features. 

Wrapping Up

The global vehicle roadside assistance market will grow by a whopping value of $1.75 billion in the next 3 years with a steady annual growth rate of 2% till 2024. Factors like better connectivity to the Internet, boost in disposable income for customers, increased smartphone usage, the rising number of accident cases, and vehicle collisions will drive the demand for Uber for tow truck services. 

The growth in on-demand roadside assistance services will be higher in the densely populated Asia-Pacific market (4.02%) than the demand in the North American and European markets, which will grow by 3.94% and 3.59% respectively. 

Aspiring entrepreneurs will have to deal with numerous challenges like training mechanics to resolve problems of newly launched electric vehicles, integrate advanced remote vehicle diagnostic systems, and also ensure that only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spare parts are used. They will also have to utilize modern technologies like automated safety systems, sensors, and telematics to provide better services to vehicle owners. 

Ambitious entrepreneurs can earn huge revenue through booking cancellation charges, a commission from tow truck operators for each booking, subscription plans from vehicle owners, and transaction processing fees for usage of the online payment gateway.  

Hence, witness brighter business prospects by partnering with a competent app development company now for developing a world-class on-demand roadside assistance app development solution soon.

Clara Fernandas
I am Clara Fernandes, an SEO Analyst, and a Technical writer, with more than five years of experience in the app development field. I am currently working for Appdupe, a major app development company.


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