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7 Best Designs of Eco Packaging Boxes for Your New Year Presents


The eco-friendly boxes wholesale supplies are one of their kind as they display the products in the most mesmerizing manner. The materials mostly preferred in their production are Kraft stock, corrugated stock, and cardboard. This makes them highly eco-friendly and also user-friendly. They have reduced carbon footprints, which means that they do not pollute the environment like non-biodegradable materials. They are the sturdy structure that helps protect the fragile products absolutely by protecting these items against all kinds of damaging elements. Not only are they highly recyclable and reusable, but they are also too light in weight and highly cost-effective. Due to these features, they are highly preferred for shipping or transportation purposes. Some elegant color schemes, stylization effects, and fonts of various sizes can be imprinted on them using some unique printing methods to enhance the visual appeal or graphics. 

The design of eco friendly boxes wholesale matters a lot, especially on special occasions like New Year Eve or Christmas. Every company in the market targets this special occasion to boost their name in the market and use different designing tactics to get ahead of others. In this fierce competition, you need to design your packaging in a unique way and relevant to the New Year theme. See the following best design, which will enhance their reputation to be the first choice for New Year presents when incorporated into your eco-friendly packages.

1. Use Red and Green Colors:

As the New Year is all about joy and happiness, you should use those color themes for your eco-friendly boxes, which bring happiness to the people. Many people worldwide send valuable gifts to their loved ones, and the packaging for these presents cannot be ordinary, at least on the New Year. You would have noticed everything near Christmas is decorated with red and green colors because the green and red colors are a symbol of happiness and love. They impart your feelings of love and affection to your loved ones. So, why not design the custom eco-friendly boxes with green and red color schemes to show your customers that you care about their feelings. Everything red and green on the New Year is going to get the attention. 

2. Ditch The Non-Recyclables:

With the consumers becoming more and more conscious about the environment with each passing day, you need to ditch the non-recyclable materials while designing your custom printed eco-friendly boxes. Use the best materials which are highly environmentally friendly such as corrugated stock. It is 100% recyclable, and any printing on the surface of corrugated packages will look more attractive as they have perfectly smooth and shiny surfaces. The eco-friendly packaging boxes with beautiful visual appeals and enhanced graphics will make an impact on the customers. Similarly, you can use Kraft paper, which is not only eco-friendly but has a clean and cozy aesthetic as well. 

3. Scandinavian Sweater Style:

Incorporate a Scandinavian sweater pattern into your eco-packaging will make your products look outstanding. Most likely, you will be familiar will all the famous Scandinavian style. It is a classic jumper or sweater style that is often labeled as ugly by most people, but no one can deny that it looks festive. Be bold and do not be afraid to use this style as it is undeniably upbeat. The knitted designs of pine trees, Santa, reindeer, snowflakes, etc., express all that is New Year. Therefore, adding this style to your sustainable packaging will mean nothing wrong with what you are promoting.

4. Reduce Waste With Creative Packaging:

It is essential to measure the gift products and design green packaging to fit perfectly around them. This will help you reduce waste, but it will increase the protection of valuable gifts as well. When your recyclable boxes are loose or too small to correctly fit the products, the items inside can be damaged by external or internal damaging elements. So, it is essential to design your packages in a way to reduce waste as well as ensure absolute protection. Not only that, but this technique will help your packaging in becoming more creative by standing above all the other competitors. 

5. Go Minimal And Be Honest:

When designing reusable packaging to pack gifts for New Year, always opt for minimalism. The design of your packages is an effective communicator between your brand and potential customers. It tells the clients about who you are and communicate your effectiveness as a brand. If your design is too generic and looking cheap, it gives the consumers the impression that the inside products are affordable. At the same time, remain honest with your designs printed on the packages. Do not do false advertising as the customers will never purchase from you again. Ultimately, being natural and opting for minimalism in your packaging will make you credible in front of the clients.

6. Unique Printing Options:

Adopt unique printing techniques for printing the biodegradable boxes in the USA. For instance, you can use the embossing printing technique to create some 3D effects on these boxes’ surfaces. It will yield some adorable and eye-catchy visuals to make your organization stand out. You can emboss the name, logo, or message of your business to provide an expensive look to New Year’s presents. 

7. Surprise Your Consumers:

The New Year is all about uplifting and sharing all that is good. Keeping that in mind, you can add some funny texts or images to create a more surprising and fun box to mesmerize and bring happiness to the customers. For example, you can print a handwritten note to wish your customers Happy New Year. Adding a personal and funny touch to your box always pays off. This is because all the people like being personally treated and appreciated especially.

The eco-friendly boxes wholesale can be designed to make attractive visual appeals and stand out in the market. Opt for minimalism and remain honest when creating these packages. Ditch the non-recyclables and reduce waste to make them look more creative and innovative.

Joshua Ross
Joshua Ross
Digital marketing consultant at Go Custom Boxes. Providing people with the right information regarding the packaging they should go for, for their items and products they are selling. These packaging solutions will help them to reach their goals for high selling and making huge revenues & developing high PR in between their customers.
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