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5 things to do in the morning

Morning routine holds a very important part in a person’s life whether he/she is working or doing business or is at home. It is suggested by most of the spiritual leaders that the way your morning routine goes will be your entire day. Hence if you want your every day to be fruitful and as per the desired TO DO LIST. Then you have to be very careful about how you start your day.

Here are some points worth implementing to make the most out of the day and thus out of our life and that is possible only if we begin our day with a proper state of mind.

  • The attitude of Gratitude: What do we do when we get up or before we go to sleep? We put our phones, laptops, tablets on the charge to use efficiently during the day. Likewise, have you charged yourself to work with a positive frame of mind throughout the day. The attitude of gratitude is the most powerful emotion as it helps you to shift your emotion to blessings you already have in your life. It helps to focus on the things you are blessed with rather than the problems which are anyways an integral part of your daily life. This is possible when you cultivate a habit to meditate regularly
  • Positive Vision: Do you think all successful people have always tasted success right from the beginning they started? No. All of us have tasted both failure and success throughout our life span and we have taken these failures as a lesson. But human minds tend to always look at the NOT SO GOOD side of life. To overcome this every morning resolve to look at the positive side of any negative situation. The more we focus on the negative the mind will occupy with others’ faults ruining our day, work, and focus, and our TO DO LIST achievement will eventually go for a toss.
  • Trust the broader plan: You need to trust that whatever good or bad which seems apparent is what exactly what I need in my life at present. Have complete trust that whatever is going to happen during the day is not in my control and is simply a small part of a larger picture that will unfold gradually and is meant for only my good. Believe that God has better plans for me because of which certain things do not happen the way I want.
  • Habit to do the small things right: Folding your bedsheet and making your bed correct is a small thing. These are the little things which are expected to be done right and if you fail to do so then you will not succeed doing bigger things in life correct. Suppose you had a bad day and you come to your room to relax and you see that your bed is neatly you get a feeling that today was miserable but tomorrow will be better for sure. Try to be systematic and your life will be systematic too. Messy lifestyle will only attract more and more mess
  • Be Helpful: Invest the energy of empathy to whomsoever you meet. Everyone you meet in life is fighting their battle; you know nothing about it. BE KIND. Give them the energy of love, kindness, and care to the people around you. And trust me you will receive the same back in unseen ways when you will need it the most. It is rightly said that “What goes around, comes around”. This is not in everybody’s nature but you should develop this to get the same back and lead a peaceful and contented life

Make spirituality your part of the morning routine to get a better connection to the above-mentioned points. You will feel peaceful and the chaos in your mind will be silent.  and easier to understand the above principles. Meditate for at least 10-15 minutes in the morning to charge your mind, body, and soul.

Every morning will bring some challenges and every evening will give us the wisdom to overcome these challenges in a better way. Be Grateful for all you have, eat healthily, try to control your mind in all situations. Be happy and make other people happy. This is the way to lead the life to the fullest

Morning bliss !!!! Happy me !!! Always !!!!


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