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10 Awesome & Essential Smartphone Travel Accessories To Never Travel Without


Smartphones are among the most important travel essentials these days. We use them to book flights & hotel rooms, to navigate, check our flight status, find nearby places to eat, and a lot more. Thereby, why not get some amazing smartphone travel accessories and boost the use of this remarkable gadget we cannot travel without? With smartphones being among the most essential travel gadgets and accessories to enhance them, you can expect to enjoy traveling a lot more. Take a bit of time to read our list below of some of the best smartphone travel accessories to never travel without. Make your smartphone a lot smarter before your next trip!


Stylish and Useful Travel Accessories for Your Smartphone:

Even those who claim they’re “going off-the-grid” during a vacation take their smartphones along. Yes, smartphones are that essential. Even those booking last minute flights for an emergency trip don’t forget to carry their smartphones. More than just a basic need, smartphones have changed the way we travel for good. So, check the ensuing list of the best smartphone travel accessories to invest in and improve the quality of your trips henceforth.

1.Screen Protector

This clear plastic sheet may not look like much but will go a long way in keeping your smartphone’s screen scratch-proof. Also, if you drop your phone, a good screen protector will keep the screen from shattering. It’s undoubtedly among the best and most essential smartphone travel accessories to have.

2.Strong Smartphone Case

Investing in a screen protector is not enough. A strong smartphone case is just as important. Having your phone broken while on vacation is among the worst things ever. You will lose contacts, pictures, and all sorts of other important data. Thereby, whether you drop the device or are simply accustomed to using it roughly, a sturdy case will protect it from damage.

3.Smartphone Lanyard

Although it may sound like one of the most unique travel accessories for your mobile, it can be among your smartest investments to date. A lanyard will protect your smartphone from theft, accidental drops, and other such things. Also, your phone is always on hand in case you suddenly need to take a picture or video.

4.Waterproof Phone Carrier

This is among the best travel accessories for your smartphone especially if you love beaches. It’s among the smartest smartphone travel accessories that will protect your device from getting wet. Pouch dry bags are among the best types as they can also store some additional things such as cards, keys, cash, etc.

5.Wireless Portable Charger

What could be better than being able to recharge your phone without a cable wire or USB? Among the best smartphone travel accessories, a wireless portable charger will ensure your device is charged while keeping the charging port free in your mobile. That makes this among the best air travel accessories as you can use the free port to plug in your headphones during the flight.

6. Powerbanks

For travelers reluctant to invest in a wireless portable charger, power banks are the ideal alternative. Invest in a good power bank to ensure your smartphone is charged to the full at all times. This will come in handy especially when you are undertaking outdoor activities such as trekking when there is no way to charge your device via the conventional route.

7.Headphones with Bluetooth Receiver

A pair of headphones equipped with a Bluetooth receiver is among the best smartphone travel accessories especially for those booking business class flights for work trips. This helps to receive calls without having to take off the earphones to separately use a Bluetooth receiver. Make sure to check the quality of the product before buying it.

8.SD Card and SIM Card Storage

More often than not, travelers will purchase local SIM Cards to use while on holiday. If you opt to do this, you will need to store your existing SIM Card someplace safe. You can get a wallet or a storage unit meant especially for SIM Cards. Among the best smartphone travel accessories, these will store SD Cards as well.

9.Selfie Stick and Video Stabilizer

Selfie-lovers will find selfie sticks to be among the best smartphone travel accessories ever. They come in all sizes & shapes, waterproof, Bluetooth-enabled, and with a wide range of add-ons. Also, a video stabilizer is a smart investment especially if you wish to make video blogs of your trip. They will help you take clear, non-shaky videos.

10.Clip-On Camera Lenses

You don’t need to buy a new phone just because your phone’s camera isn’t very advanced. You can simply invest in advanced clip-on camera lenses, one of the best smartphone travel accessories. You can choose from a wide range of lenses at varying prices. Regardless of where you visit on international flight tickets, these clip-on camera lenses will add special effects to your travel photography.

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susmi Jessy
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