10 reasons to choose cisco switching

Top 10 Reasons Customer Benefits

1. Market share leader.
Cisco is the market leader in switching. According to IDC, Cisco commands 56% of rolling market share in enterprise switching in Asia Pacific and Japan over the past 4 quarters.
• Chosen and tested by numerous customers –it works.

2. Technology leader.
Cisco leads in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure for both our completeness of vision and our ability to execute.
• Future-ready
• Investment protection

3. Proven track record.
Cisco is a pioneer in switching and has more than 2 decades of innovation in our switching product lines. Many IEEE standards for switching today originated from Cisco.
• Best-in-class technology

Cisco switches come with redundancy and resilience features in both hardware and software to increase uptime. We also offer smart, remote troubleshooting to help prevent outages.
• Continuous business operations
• Increased IT productivity
Committed to SMBs

5. Commitment to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).
Cisco® START offers SMBs a suite of simple, secure, smart solutions, made and priced to build their digital-ready networks.
• Purpose-built for SMBs

Cisco switching is simple to deploy and manage. Our switches support zero-touch deployment and GUI-based network management with a customisable monitoring dashboard. You can centralize management of your network and configure multiple switches at the same time.
• Up to 75% reduction in man-hours spent configuring and testing switches
• Average cost savings of 60% to 80% with zero-touch provisioning

The network sees everything. Cisco switches have embedded security features to control who gets on the network, detect security attacks as they happen and enforce security policies through the network.4 We offer comprehensive threat defense, and support network segmentation to reduce attack surface too.
• 400x faster threat detection from 100+ days to 6 hours
• Contain threats quickly, generating 140%
return on investment

Cisco switches are designed to optimize application experience. We provide
application visibility and control and intelligent traffic management to help
customers prioritize business-critical traffic over recreational traffic. Our
higher-end switches even offer capabilities to digitize the audio video
network and improve quality of experience.
• Improve productivity
• Improve customer experience
• Increase revenue

9. Built for tomorrow’s workspace
Cisco switches come with Power over Ethernet and efficient energy management. Customers can power IP phones and wireless access points with their switches to simplify cabling and save on energy costs.
• Simplify IT
• Improve collaboration
• 60% energy cost savings End-to-End

10. End-to-end solutions.
Cisco has the most comprehensive portfolio in the networking industry to help connect, collaborate, compute, and protect your customer’s business.
Economic Impact of Cisco Catalyst Access Switches by Forrester Research witch cost savings guide
• Reduce resources and time spent integrating multiple vendors’ solutions



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